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We are now accepting registrations for 2008.

University of medicine and Pharmacy in Transylvania welcomes you who aspires to become a doctor. We at Study Medicine take care of your application to make sure you will be guaranteed a seat this fall already with the start on the 1st of October 2007

The advantages of studying medical school in Romania are many. We offer our students benefits that are transcendent to those of other universities around Europe.

  • We don´t have an admission test.
  • The education is completely in english and acknowledged in the EU.
  • Tuition fees are amongst the lowest in Europe.
  • Starting with september 17 our staff is in Romania. For more information, please read mor under "Contact"

    All prices are estimated based on previous years. Current prices will be available in May 2008.

    The university

    University of Medicine and Pharmacy is the medical faculty of the health scientific university Iuliu Hatieganu. It was founded year 1919 but its’ history reaches back to the Middle Ages.

    Research and tutoring at the university is conducted in medicine, odontology, nursing, physiotherapy and pharmacology in three different languages, romanian, french and english

    There are over 11000 students studying at the university which makes it one of the biggest and according to the general opinion also one of the best in Romania.

    You can find more information here:

  • Romania

    Romania, one of the newest members of the EU, situated in the southestern parts of Europe stands with it´s feet in two different worlds. First, the cities with their modern west European lifestyle and a powerful economic growth. The other, representing the farmers’ humble lifestyle in isolated mountain villages who work their land just as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

    The university is in the capital of Transylvania; Cluj Napoca which has over 400 000 inhabitants. Over 100 000 of these are students!

    Because o the high number of students the studentlife in "Cluj" is pleasant to say the least and exciting at the same time. The notion of "traveling" becomes one with the notion of "home". The city is compact and most places are within walking distance. The nightlife is very good and cheap. There are plenty of nice cafes, restaurants and nightspots which are of very high standard. The advantage of living in a smaller city is also that the distance to the university is fairly short from wherever you live. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes with bus or taxi to get to the university.

    The countryside around Cluj is stunning and consists of beautiful mountain ranges with peaks of over 2000 meters. These mountains offers hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and multisport of high quality. No longer that one hour drive outside of the city you still have the possibility of staying a night or two at isolated mountain farms and experience the genuine lives of farmer living as they did hundreds of years ago. In these wild and untamed regions, time has almost stood still the last century.

    Read more about this beautiful country here:



  • About Study Medicine

    Study Medschool was started in Sweden by three medical students with the business idea to offer an alternative solution for people who want to study medicine but from different reasons can´t or don´t want to attend their local medical universities.

    We chose University of Medicine and Pharmacy because we consider it to offer more advantages than other universities around Europe. In our quest we were convinced that it was possible to combine both a highly qualitative education with low tuition fees and good living conditions. This is exactly what we found in Transylvania.

    We who work for you at Study Medschool are well acquainted with the culture and we speak the language, Romanian. We are on the scene in Sweden, Germany and Israel and also in Romania near the university and the authorities. We have handled many applications before and therefore we have the experience needed to guarantee you a secure admission.

    Our services

    We at Study Medicine work as the middleman between you and the romanian authorities. Threw us you will be guaranteed a secure admission at University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Transylvania. We will help you find an apartment and are there for you 24 hours everyday of the week if you need assistance during the first semester. We know what needs to be done and how to do it. We have offices in Sweden, Germany and Israel close to you and in Romania near the university and the romanian authorities. We speak the language and have the necessary local knowledge.

    We help you obtain:

  • Letter of acceptance

  • Studentvisa
  • Translation of documents

  • Health certificate

  • Admission
  • We also offer:

  • 24/7 help during the first semester

  • Housing (Apartment)

  • Airport pickup (free of charge)

  • Course litterature
  • Study Medicine: 690 Euro

    Questions and answers

    Is it hard to apply to the university?

    It’s not impossible but it is much harder than you would be used to. A lot of bureaucracy is usually encountered in Romania which means a lot of paperwork that has to be presented in different offices around the country. Study MedSchool will gladly help you with the admission process. We can devote ourselves entirely to your application to make sure everything is done in the right way so that you will be guaranteed a secure admission.

    Is it expensive to live in Romania

    Even though the larger cities in Romania offer a western European standard nowadays it is still very cheap to live here. Taking a taxi across town will cost 3 USD at the most. To eat at one of the city´s top10 restaurants a Saturday night (with everything included) costs between 7-10 USD. A centrally placed and nice 2 room apartment varies in rent between 400 and 750 USD per month.

    Is it hard to find an apartment?

    Yes, unfortunately it can be quite tricky because you are competing with over 100 000 students which all have better local knowledge than you and they speak the language. Study Medschool has a limited number of apartments for rent close to the university. Announce your interest as soon as possible to see if there is anything available still. If we don’t have any apartments available we will gladly help you to look for others.

    How is the student life?

    Without any exaggeration it will probably be "the time of your life". The liberty and the possibilities are many, the friends even more. The warm climate and the friendly city make it easy to feel comfortable and enjoy your education. A pulsating nightlife and an unbeatable nature makes Transylvania an amazing combination for everybody who likes to parties as well as outdoor activities like skiing, rock climbing, hiking, multisport etc.

    I don´t know any Romanian and I have never studied a latin language before. Will I get by in Romania?

    The education is completely in English and most Romanians speak English well. You will also study Romanian in school and be able to conduct simple conversations in no time at all.

    What do I need to take care of before the trip?

    There is not a lot of things you need to think about. We take of most of them for you.

    Am I qualified to be accepted by the university? Is it hard to get accepted?

    If you have completed high school you are qualified regardless of previous results from high school or other aptitude tests. It can be problematic to get accepted but we handle your registration and make sure that you spot in the university.

    Where can I get more information about the country?

    Read more under "The university" and "Romania" and at:


  • Is my English good enough?

    It is recommended that you had at least a passing grade in English in high school. You will learn medical terminology as you go along so it is not a problem to not have any previous knowledge in the area.

    My grades weren´t very good in high school, can I still be accepted?

    Yes. The grades you have previously received are not very important when you apply with Study Medicine. On the other hand it is important that you have at least passing grades once you are studying at University of Medicine and Pharmacy so you don’t have to repeat courses.

    I have never studied Chemistry/Physics/Biology before. Is that a problem?

    It makes things a little bit easier for you if you have previous knowledge in the above mentioned subjects but it is not a criterion when you apply with Study Medicine. It will be a little bit tougher in the beginning but you will receive all the help you need to build a solid foundation in these subjects. You will study Chemistry, Physics and Biology with a medical orientation in the first 2 semesters of school.


    The medical program is 6 years long. The first three of these are mainly theoretical whereas the last three years are mainly practical. In this period you will study everything from Anatomy in the first year to Neurology in the 6th, making sure that you have the best possible knowledge and are prepared for the "real work" when you get your diploma. You will try also try out and study most of the common specialities (Pediatrics for example) to ensure that you have a solid base of experience when it is time for you to choose your area of expertise.

    During this 6 years period you are also allowed to work. In the summers you will do internships at hospitals and private practices of your own choosing. This is very convienient for us who study abroad so that we get a feel for how medicine is practised "back home"

    Study Medcine offers a general medicine program and a dentistry program.

    Economy and living

    Estimated prices and quotation

    Study Medicine 1390 Euro
    Tuition fee 360 USD/month
    Apartment rent 400-750 USD/month for 2 rooms
    Food 140-220 USD/month
    Dinner and a beer 7-10 USD
    Transport 0.5 USD bus, 2 USD taxi across the city


    To register to University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Transylvania, complete the Study Medicine´s registration form and send it to our address in Sweden

    As soon as we have received you registration, we will contact you with further information.

    The last date for registration is 01 October 2007 for school start this fall (2007)

    Download registration form

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